Friday, October 3, 2014

Who Did You Inspire Today?

As the Lead Learner of an outstanding middle school, I am privileged to witness greatness each day by my staff and students. It is an environment where our students inspire us to constantly redefine our craft and become better educators.

Today, I am proud to say that I am blogging with the very group of students that inspired me to begin my own blog. Where else could I work that motivates me each minute of the day to make a better "home" for them?  
As their Lead Learner, I can only hope that I leave a positive impression on them in regards to being a digital role model. At our school we constantly preach the importance of digital citizenship and today I have an opportunity to truly show them. As I sit here, I am so impressed seeing the autonomy, passion, and drive that these students have while publishing their own blogs. There is nothing more amazing than watching students' "light bulbs" go off as they type about their topics.  I was pulled from one student to another to witness them composing their post.  Their energy and enthusiasm were highly contagious to all who entered the room. This was the true definition of a Quadrant D lesson as our great students demonstrated their own blog application which was rigorous, relevant, and relationship building.

Their topics ranged from the following:

Cooking Recipes
Shopping for clothing
Air Craft and weather
Visiting New York City
My Dog

These can all be seen in the near future at

As I went from student to student, I was constantly asked why I chose the title, "Who Inspired You Today?"  When I told them that they inspired me to write a blog posting and that I could only hope to inspire others to take a risk and try something  new in their educational journey they were completely surprised.

The reactions I received were priceless: "Wow, Mr. Robbins that's awesome!; We really inspired you?; Thanks for caring and inspiring us."

There is no better profession then being their Lead Learner!

Who did you inspire today?