Monday, August 31, 2015

Surfing USA - Riding The Wave Towards Idea Street

"Unfortunately, many people are in the same trap—and not only in academia. We are influenced by our teachers and parents to the extent that we spend our lives trying, as best we can, to mimic them, and all too often we end up being second-rate replicas." Bernard Roth

Since the unveiling of Idea Street, our innovative learning environment, there has been an overwhelming amount of questions that have come my way. Yet, the most frequent questions:

"You have surfboard bars in your school?  What are they for and where are they?" 

Yes, we have three 8 foot "made from scratch" surfboards. Two will be bars and one will be the official sign of IDEA STREET. Why do we have surfboard bars? Well...WHY NOT! 

Our school is located in a small town that prides itself on many things, including being "The Gateway To The Shore."  

IT Director Aleng Phommathep (@Alengman)

Interim Superintendent Bob Garguilo (@Rgarguilo60)

First coat

Frog tape works wonders

Bulletin Board Removed
Rollin, Ted, and Robert measuring it up

Goodbye hallways and Welcome to Idea Street!

Dry erase board, surfboard bars, and stools are on the way!

 Learning anywhere, at anytime!  

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