Sunday, November 22, 2015

Idea Street Welcomes Teenage Mutant Ninja NCMS Turtles


Would you be willing to allow students to paint on your school walls? Better yet, would you be willing to let Middle School students paint on your walls?  

What happens when you give two amazing 6th grade students an opportunity? You tell them we trust you and believe in you.  The answer is simple - MAGIC!

As we awaited the arrival of our turtles for Idea Street, we needed to make some more changes.  We needed to create a habitat for them to feel at home, when hundreds of students and staff walk by them on a daily basis.  

Allow the pictures to tell their story!

Dismantling the display case

A blank canvas

Isabella V. and Gracen C
Overhead put to us

Ready to rock!

Mr. Law, Science Teacher who won a grant for the turtles watches 
Not a bad start


Welcome Home Turtles!

Special thanks to Mrs. Schwanzer, Mr. Law, Mr. Mease, Mrs. Woodall, and everyone else who gave our students the opportunity to make it OUR school!