Friday, March 11, 2016

Embracing The Inner Hermenaut - #PENNSV16

Throughout this past year, I have been blessed to travel across the globe, searching for creative ideas, deep conversations, unique methodologies, and so much more, in hopes of continuing to improve my staff, students, and my family. Ultimately, it's about trying to disrupt the hedonic adaptation that consumes our lives, our schools, and those around us. I am honored that I have the opportunity to join an incredible group of educational minds on the #PennSV16 study tour, lead by Dr. Joe Mazza, as we head to San Francisco and Silicon Valley.  

Here are some focus areas for the trip, as we visit multiple schools and companies: 

Flexible space, brain-based design
Brain-based learning
Instructional design
Low-income devices
Student privacy
Virtual Reality
Networking internally and externally for PD
Research on audio, asynchronous, wearable tech, artificial intelligence

Be sure to follow along with our journey on Twitter at #PennSV16, starting March 20th. 

"Why We Explore", by Shots of Awe   

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